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PrestoCHILL, the Science of cryoembedding for high-quality frozen sections.

The patented PrestoCHILL is an all-dry system, with no use of liquid nitrogen, CO2, or Isopentane.

The PrestoCHILL standardizes and accelerates the production of optimally prepared specimen embedded cryostat chucks in 60 seconds without freezing artifacts. The section should be free of ice crystal artifacts, knife lines, or tears. The speed and simplicity of operations of the PrestoCHILL revolutionize the rapid freezing process while keeping the “true to life” microscopic appearance of tissues. Cut fatty tissues like breast, lymph nodes can be freezed without difficulty and without distortion of delicate honeycomb structure. It is possible to obtain perfectly “flat plane” surfaces for reduced trimming time and for easy cutting.

To eliminate potential formation of ice on the freezing platform, an automatic defrost cycle is provided. It consists of a heater embedded in the freezing platform and a vacuum pump to extract water vapors from the chamber. Vapors are condensed and collected in a cold-trap placed in the front of the unit for easy handling. A HEPA filter is provided on the exhaust side of the pump.

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