Molecular Genomic Diagnostics

Molecular & Genomic Diagnostics

27 January 2022 | Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, UAE


Live, in-person

27 January 2022

Dubai World Trade Centre

Molecular & Genomic Diagnostics

CME accredited

27 January 2022
Bangkok Room, Dubai World Trade Centre



This track discussed molecular diagnostic techniques, next generation sequencing and genomic testing. International and local speakers provided clinical oversights on amplification techniques, general probe technology and applications on novel molecular technologies in wide diversity of laboratory discipline for monitoring and screening of human diseases.

Key topics:

  • New molecular assays
  • Molecular diagnostic assays for COVID
  • Infectious diseases genomics
  • Cancer genomics
  • Updates on Emirati Genome Program
  • Genomic data analysis, and functional characterization

Scientific Chair:

  • Dr Ahmad Abou Tayoun, Director, The Al Jalila Children’s Genomics Centre; Associate Professor, Genetics, Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences, Dubai, UAE

Benefits of attending:

  • Examine application of gene therapy or biologic response modifiers
  • Review genetic technology and its applications for molecular diagnostics
  • Discuss future molecular diagnostics
  • Discuss test validation and verification in the molecular laboratory for the young and adults
  • Evaluate the Emirati Genome Program