Introducing the Transformation Hub

Staying true to Medlab Middle East’s overall aim of shaping the future of healthcare by developing the value laboratory medicine, the 2020 edition is launching the all-new Transformation Hub.

A dedicated area amongst the busy exhibition floor will become home to medical laboratory SME’s of the world, providing a platform to showcase the industry’s latest gadgets, equipment and technology…

Also, featuring the Transformation Talks at the heart of the Transformation Hub, the Talks are a special feature engaging potential buyers in educational sessions, where manufacturers introduce new launches and in-demand solutions.

Key focus areas being highlighted at the hub

45% of the 25,800+ professional visits of 2019 were distributors. With such a stong representation of buyers in attendance already, the upcoming edition will undoubtedly offer you an even broader network of distributors. Supported by an extensive marketing and PR campaign, the show’s outreach stretches across all regions fitting to market demand.


Information technology

Laboratory measurement testing and technology

Why the Transformation Hub?

A designated pod at the hub

An opportunity to speak at the Transformation Talks

Overall promotional exposure as part of the Transformation Hub


With so much on offer, it’s an opportunity not to be missed.
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