FUJI DRI-CHEM NX700……….. A new world of DRI Chemistry

“Based on advanced technology and Know-how developed by Fujifilm expertise over many years. DRI-CHEM from FUJIFILM is a dry Chemistry analyzer series which can perform multiple test parameters of Clinical Chemistry.”

The New Generation FUJI DRI-CHEM NX700 brings you a new world of DRI Chemistry.

  • High Processing Speed of 190 Tests/Hour.
  • Possible to set 5 samples at the same time.
  • Equipped with STAT Functionality to accommodate Emergency Interrupt measurement.
  • No pre-treatment of sample is required.
  • No calibration is required using the QC card system.
  • Easy Operation with touch screen and Intuitive new software.
  • Enhanced connectivity features with HL7 support.
  • Patient-friendly microsample testing with Only 6 μL and 10 μL per test.
  • New Design with compact size and smaller foot print.
  • Different range of sample tubes could be utilized.

To explore the Next Technology of FUJI DRI CHEM – NX700 and a lot more of the NEW FUJIFILM Innovative IVD/POCT solutions.

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