AGD Biomedicals - AGD 2020 & AGD CliniPak

AGD Biomedicals

Semi Automatic Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

  • 7” graphic resistive touchscreen cooler display
  • Online reaction Curve
  • Tri-Level Quality Control with L-J plot
  • Built in incubator
  • Storage of 5000 test results with reaction curve

AGD CliniPak
Clinical Chemistry Reagents

  • Wide range of Clinical Chemistry Kits
  • Thermostable Reagents
  • Accurate and Precise results with high linearity
  • Kits provided with Standards
  • Special kits with Calibrators
  • Liquid stable Reagents
  • Mono vials for special tests
  • Different kit size options - suitable to meet the needs of small to large laboratories with variable workload volumes