EUROIMMUN - EUROArray Dermatomycosis

EUROIMMUN EUROArray Dermatomycosis

Multiplex direct detection of dermatophytes

The EUROArray Dermatomycosis provides direct detection and differentiation of the most important dermatomycosis pathogens in one test. The assay simultaneously detects 50 dermatophyte species, and provides species identification for 23 of these as well as for 6 yeasts and moulds. Accurate identification of the disease-causing pathogens enables early, targeted treatment, increasing the chances of therapy success.

The DNA microarray offers an enormous time advantage over classical detection methods such as pathogen culturing and microscopy, taking just 3 hours rather than weeks. It is particularly useful for detecting dermatophytes that are difficult to cultivate or those that are slow growing and thus likely to be overlooked. The test specifically identifies mixed infections, for example with yeasts and moulds, and aids differentiation of dermatomycoses from other dermatoses such as psoriasis. Moreover, the assay provides high sensitivity even in patients already undergoing therapy.

The EUROArray procedure is extremely easy to perform. No in-depth molecular biology knowledge is required. Ready-to-use reagents and the small number of pipetting steps ensure a minimal workload. The evaluation and interpretation of results as well as the archiving of data are fully automated and thus objective. The dermatophyte parameters encompass anthropophilic, zoophilic and geophilic species of the genera Trichophyton, Epidermophyton, Microsporum, Nannizzia, Arthoderma, Lophophyton. The yeast and mould parameters include Candida, Fusarium and Scopulariopsis species.

Dermatomycoses are extremely common, affecting around 20 to 25% of the population worldwide. They are, moreover, characteristically long-lasting, recurring and very difficult to cure. Elderly people and immunocompromised patients are especially at risk. Dermatomycoses must always be treated. Due to the different activity spectra of antifungal drugs, prior identification of the causative pathogen is essential. The EUROArray Dermatomycosis provides the most comprehensive direct detection of dermatomycosis pathogens currently available commercially, and thus represents a valuable new tool for dermatologists.

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