Evidence MultiSTAT

VACUETTE® Safety Products

The Evidence MultiSTAT is an automated benchtop immunoassay analyser which simultaneously detects up to 21 classical, prescription and synthetic drugs from a single patient sample. Utilising revolutionary Biochip Array Technology, the Evidence MultiSTAT uses a chemiluminescence reaction as a measuring principle ensuring consistently accurate results.

Moving away from traditional single analyte assays, Biochip Array Technology boasts cutting-edge multiplex testing capabilities providing rapid and accurate drug detection from a single sample. Based on ELISA principles, the biochip is a solid-state device with discrete test sites onto which antibodies specific to different drug compounds are immobilised and stabilised. Competitive chemiluminescent immunoassays are then employed, offering a highly sensitive screen.

Testing panels are available for blood and urine samples to accommodate various testing requirements, with a minimal 200ul sample volume required ensuring more sample is available for confirmatory testing. Randox has the world’s largest toxicology test menu, with the ability to detect over 500 drugs and drug metabolites, Randox has the world’s most advanced drug screening test menu spanning a wide range of classical, prescription and synthetic drugs of abuse. With significant reinvestment, our research and development lead the way in developing new tests and innovative technology to suit any drug screening needs. Biochip Array Technology has a proven high standard of accurate test results with CVs typically <10% with a 98% agreement with confirmatory methods.

The Evidence Multistat provides a complete drug profile in one simple process, reducing the amount of time and labour spent on individual tests. The reliability and accuracy of results also reduces the financial burden of re-testing. With multiple results obtained in less than 20 minutes, the Evidence MultiSTAT is an ideal analyser for emergency drugs of abuse screening.

For a live product demonstration visit the Randox stand Z5.B10 at MEDLAB Middle East.