Ahmad Shweiki

General Manager

Tell us about your organisation and its journey to date.

At BIORUS, we are committed to providing innovative, trusted, high-quality, and cost-effective solutions to the healthcare and life science sectors. Our journey began in 2007 when I visited a cancer center in Jordan and witnessed the struggles of cancer patients, their loved ones, and healthcare staff. This experience inspired me to create BIORUS in 2020 with the goal of transforming the healthcare industry. Our team leverages the pillars of reliability, trust, and loyalty to provide bespoke scientific solutions for the industry. 

Since our company's inception, we have become a top healthcare solution distributor and earned a reputation as a reliable and trusted partner for healthcare and life science organizations around the UAE. 

How has the organization evolved to address the challenges of an ever-changing healthcare sector? Please list some accomplishments   

At BIORUS, we provide the most cutting-edge and innovative products to healthcare professionals around the world. Our aim is to bring the latest and greatest life science technologies to the market, with the ultimate goal of helping clinicians save more lives. We strive to make the operations of laboratories more efficient, and to educate clinicians about the new and upcoming technologies that can expedite patient results, providing faster and more effective treatments.

We work on women’s healthcare by having innovative STI solutions using biochip multiplex fully automated technology. We also provide solutions for fast phenotypic susceptibility which gives results within seven hours for critical sepsis patients. Moreover, we provide total turnkey vivarium solutions for research laboratories. We also have a high throughput microbioreactor that allows for the real-time evaluation of key cultivation parameters for both aerobes and anaerobes, making it a truly unique product in the GCC and UAE markets.

Additionally, we are proud to announce that we will soon be distributing automated NAT solutions that will help laboratories reduce learning curves and optimize workflow efficiency. Our commitment to bringing the most innovative products to the medical field is a testament to our dedication to improving patient care and outcomes. 

Give us an insight into your portfolio and solutions targeted at the Middle East region.

BIORUS has been actively working to stay on top of the growing challenges in the healthcare sector by onboarding several new manufacturers that help the company to rapidly adapt to the fast-paced industry. BIORUS is thrilled to announce its newest venture into the blood banking industry with Grifols, a leader in NAT testing. 

Moreover, with the ever-growing concern of antimicrobial resistance, it has become imperative to come up with new and improved solutions that will give us phenotypic antimicrobial susceptibility within the least time possible. With Accelerate Pheno, not only can you get ID within 90 minutes but you can get phenotypic susceptibility results all within seven hours. As the need for animal research increases, BIORUS is equipped with the best and complete vivarium solutions for your lab with Tecniplast. We also have BioLector XT Microbioreactor by Beckman Coulter Life Sciences for the real-time evaluation of key cultivation parameters of microbes.

BIORUS also focuses on healthcare for women by providing advanced STI solutions from Randox- Bosch that requires little to no hands-on, using biochip multiplex technology covering multiple parameters and giving results in as less as 120 minutes.  

Tell us about your recent and upcoming investments and partnerships in this field.

At BIORUS, we strive to provide the best solutions to our clients, and to make sure they are feeling the added value of our services. In 2022 alone, we have conducted 24 evaluations to educate professionals and clinicians on the positive impact our solutions have on patient healthcare. In fact, one hospital has conducted the evaluation for one year as a proof of concept, to study the clinical impact on the patients in terms of reduction in unnecessary antimicrobial treatment and reduction in length of stay and is currently in the process of sharing its results in publications.

Our commitment to our clients is further illustrated by our recent strategic partnerships with Grifols, Randox, Vircell, and Microptic, which will let us offer complete solutions to laboratories across the United Arab Emirates. We believe that these partnerships will enable us to provide the best healthcare services to those in need.

What will you be showcasing at Medlab Middle East 2023? 

BIORUS is excited to be a platinum sponsor at Medlab 2023 and is proud to showcase our technologies alongside our manufacturers:

Grifols NAT- Panther

The Procleix Panther system combines full automation with versatility and smart operations for efficient NAT processing of blood and plasma. A comprehensive NAT screening solution in a very compact footprint.

Gruenberg- Sterilization Systems

Gruenberg dry heat sterilizers are used for decontamination and dry heat sterilization of all forms of microbial life, such as bacteria, viruses, and spores. Gruenberg dry heat sterilizers use convection airflow and dry heat delivered to the items being sterilized. The heat is absorbed by the item being sterilized and eventually it reaches the proper temperature needed to achieve sterilization. Operating temperatures and times vary depending on the items being decontaminated or sterilized and what the customer is actively looking to kill, i.e., bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, etc.

Allevi- 3D Bioprinter

Allevi is a company that develops 3D bioprinters for medical and scientific applications. The Allevi 3D bioprinter is a precision instrument capable of printing biomaterials such as living cells or tissues in three dimensions. Allevi bioprinters enable users to experiment with a wide range of biomaterials and cells, with geometrical freedom. Print experimental tissues from brain to bone with Allevi bioprinters.

Hiplaas by Mopec- Stand-alone imaging system

Hiplaas by Mopec is a stand-alone imaging system that provides digital imaging solutions for labs. The system features a PC, LCD screen, FHD Camera, software, bar code reader, microphone, dictation system, computer and keyboard arm, medical keyboard, that can be used to capture images of slides, tissues, and other specimens. It can be used alone or in conjunction with a grossing station.

Tecniplast- Cages

Tecniplast is a company that designs and manufactures animal facility products. The company's cages are designed to provide comfortable, safe, and healthy environments for laboratory animals. Tecniplast cages are made from high-quality materials and feature advanced venting and temperature control systems to ensure the health and welfare of animals.

In addition to the above, what opportunities are you looking forward to at the upcoming event?

On February 8, 2023, we will be hosting a workshop with Dr. Rubina Lone in Zabeel Hall 1. The topic of the workshop is “Clinical Impact of Fast Susceptibility Testing in Pediatric Sepsis”, which is a timely and important issue. This workshop will not only be informative, but also engaging and we invite all medical professionals to join us and learn more about the clinical impact of fast susceptibility testing and the role it plays in saving lives.

We are also eager to meet up with our existing customers and potential clients, where they will be able to talk to the manufacturers and meet management and partners from around the world. We want to give our customers the opportunity to see and experience our technologies firsthand, as we are firm believers that "seeing is believing". We are confident that this event will be a worthwhile experience for all those who attend.

Please tell us about your plans for the year 2023.

BIORUS is extremely excited to announce that we have successfully expanded our operations to the Sultanate of Oman and are looking forward to the potential opportunities that come with it. We plan to remain true to our strategic objectives and continue to build up awareness of our products, tests, and their importance of timely results.

To further this goal, we will be hosting various events, some of which will be CME events designed to educate the market. Additionally, this year we are focusing on providing solutions to laboratories that can be integrated into their routine operations. We are confident that 2022 was the year of farming where we spread awareness regarding our solutions and 2023 is the year of harvesting - a year when we will focus on the integration of our solutions in the routine work of labs.

Anything else you would like to add?

At BIORUS, we prioritize our culture and strive to be one of the most desirable companies to work for. We are continuously innovating and developing our services to ensure that we are aligned with our customers’ needs. Our reliable and hard-working support team is available around the clock, and we always aim to contribute to the community and environment we are a part of.

Our primary objective this year is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and create a “WOW” experience for each customer. We are excited to attend Medlab as it is a great platform for us to showcase our leading healthcare and diagnostic technologies and meet our customers and partners. Our presence at the exhibition is a testament to our dedication to providing an exceptional customer experience and our commitment to our core values.