Joan Martin

Senior Vice President and Head of EMEA 


Tell us about your organisation and its journey to date.

Although our journey as QuidelOrtho Corporation is just beginning, our individual journeys as Quidel Corporation and Ortho Clinical Diagnostics have each been pivotal to shaping the modern diagnostics sector. We are a pioneer in women’s health diagnostics, developing the earliest lateral-flow pregnancy test strips. We also introduced the first FDA-approved rapid antigen diagnostic test for Influenza A and Influenza B and launched the first-ever product to determine Rh+ or Rh- blood type.

We developed the world’s first tests for the detection of antibodies against HIV and hepatitis C, and engineered a patented dry-slide technology that has been revolutionary in both reducing the cost and extending the reach of IVD testing. We also stood at the forefront of diagnostics innovation throughout the coronavirus pandemic, developing one of the earliest molecular PCR assays for SARS-CoV-2, the first FDA emergency use authorised rapid antigen test that delivers results in 15 minutes, and high-volume antibody and antigen tests for COVID-19. Our legacy of innovation leadership goes back 85 years and we are ready to keep innovating into the next century.

Today, QuidelOrtho’s comprehensive product portfolio covers a wide range of point-of-care tests for infectious diseases, critical cardiac health and autoimmune biomarkers, and a host of clinical and at-home products to detect COVID-19 (self-testing only available in US). Our sophisticated yet simple-to-use point-of-care tests enable clinicians to chart a course of treatment and empower people to take charge of their health. 

Spanning the full spectrum of customers and care – from the large labs and hospitals to the small clinics – our diverse suite of diagnostic solutions expand access to reliable answers, providing critical information when and where it is needed most.  

How has the organisation evolved to address the challenges of an ever-changing healthcare sector? Please list some accomplishments.

The pandemic drew a sharp focus on the importance of agility, and a workplace culture that encourages a flexible, collaborative, and pragmatic approach to problem-solving. One of the reasons we were able to react so quickly in support of the global fight against COVID was our years of collective experience foreseeing the changing needs of our customers and working as a team to address them. We believe that, in the coming years, responsiveness to change will become an increasingly important differentiator among leading healthcare organisations.

Other notable examples of how we have proved our leadership in shaping our sector and responding to change are immunoassay development, automated manufacturing, monoclonal antibody characterisation and development, molecular assay development, lab-based in vitro diagnostics, blood bank solutions and transfusion pre-screening.

It is also important to remember that whilst creative innovation and the smart exploitation of technology are critical to driving our industry forward, one aspect of our value proposition is constant and unchanging. I am referring to our tireless commitment to service, for which we have been consistently recognised by the industry.  

Give us an insight into your portfolio and solutions targeted at the Middle East region. 

Middle East is a versatile and dynamic territory, full of exciting possibilities. Its progressive and proactive stance on healthcare in recent years has caught the attention of the world, and it is home to many countries that are global leaders in healthcare services.

While all our solutions are relevant to the Middle East territory, our unique technologies is of particular importance, our dry chemistry and immunoassay integrated solutions. As the world increasingly focuses on ecologically sensitive healthcare solutions, this is one of the most sustainable propositions in the IVD market and can save tonnes of water yearly versus other contemporary used solutions. It is aligned with the visions of the Gulf states while delivering outstanding quality of results.

Tell us about your recent and upcoming investments and partnerships in this field

Our combined organisation brings patients the benefits of our consolidated portfolio of world-class technologies and platforms, through expanded access to clinical chemistry, immunoassay, molecular diagnostics, immunohematology, donor screening, and point-of-care diagnostics offerings. We are dedicated to meeting patient testing needs throughout the care continuum, from reference labs, hospitals, and physicians’ offices to urgent care centres. 

One of the great advantages we now have as QuidelOrtho is the scale to establish an even broader range of partnerships, along with the ability to make more impactful strategic investments that will deliver patient benefits across more product areas and geographies. There is a lot of important work ahead of us to deliver on our targeted synergies and new product introductions and we are energised and well-positioned to deliver on our combined mission to advance diagnostics to improve human health.

However, we have a clear roadmap of our short, medium and long-term priorities, and as we hit the various milestones, we have set for ourselves, we will be in a stronger position to make informed decisions on investments and partnerships. Watch this space. 

What will you be showcasing at Medlab Middle East 2023? 

As the first major exhibition event of the year, we are thrilled that this is where we revealing to the world our new brand. It has been carefully designed to preserve our proud histories while speaking to the exciting future ahead.

We will also be exhibiting our full portfolio of market-leading propositions, from immunohematology solutions that can serve any size of laboratory, to integrated dry chemistry and immunoassay solutions. We will also be sharing automation virtual visualisations and POC Immunoassay and Molecular suggestions designed to address future healthcare needs. Naturally, these are all interconnected by smart IT solutions built to enhance productivity and provide clinical awareness to laboratory professionals.

In addition to the above, what opportunities are you looking forward to at the upcoming event?

Medlab is more than just a Middle East event. It has global influence that reaches to Africa, Europe, and Southeast Asia. For all these territories we are excited as QuidelOrtho to welcome and showcase innovative solutions to current and prospective customers, collaborate and engage with current partners, discover new partners, and exchange ideas with our industry peers. Medlab is a perfectly balanced event encompassing trade fair, scientific conference, and a unique opportunity to unveil our new brand to existing and future customers.

Please tell us about your plans for the year 2023.

From an operation and organisational perspective, our primary goal is to complete the integration of our previously two companies and build an enterprise of true purpose that enhances the lives both of patients and the medical communities who support them. We will continue our strong cultural focus on recognising the critical contribution of employees. We have been very deliberate about carefully defining interim-state and future-state, advancing our organisational structures, aligning our people and optimising our operations while managing our current business operations. And all of this without losing our focus on our customers and the impact our solutions have on patients.

From a new product perspective, we continue to invest in molecular assay and platform developments, and we will be focusing on bringing to market our new Automated Sample-to-Result Multiplex RT-PCR System called Savanna.

Savanna is a multiplex real-time PCR testing platform with a simple sample-to-result operation that can run up to 12 unique analytes from a single patient sample in approximately 25 minutes. Whether testing specifically for SARS CoV-2 or for syndromic testing, you will have the answer (for respiratory viruses) in a matter of minutes. Savanna delivers fast, customisable, multiplex panels with superior molecular performance in an easy-to-use format, making it an optimised solution for a decentralised, near-patient test platform.

Anything else you would like to add?

As we have covered already, healthcare is changing. Demand is increasing rapidly due to changes in lifestyle and demographics. One-third of the world’s population has exceeded a healthy weight, contributing to an array of chronic health conditions. By 2050 there will be twice as many people over the age of 60 as there are today. Simultaneously resources and budgets grow ever scarcer. Over 50 per cent of the world population do not have access to quality healthcare (Healthcare Radius) and although the industry is already suffering from staffing shortages, 10 million more healthcare workers will be needed by 2030 (Health workforce ( 

 Reliable real-time intelligence has never been more critical, with in-vitro diagnostics test results contributing to 70 per cent of clinical decisions (MedTech Europe). At QuidelOrtho we are working to meet and anticipate the needs of the healthcare systems across the continuum of care.   

Our customised solutions deliver affordability, efficiency, and automation in more than 130 countries and territories around the globe. The QuidelOrtho family is committed to enhancing the well-being of people worldwide and happy in the knowledge we are making a real difference.