Creating a quality dialogue between a brand and its potential customers can be achieved by moving away from the traditional forms of advertising and by experimenting with a different and a more effective marketing channel — Event Sponsorship.

With Obs-Gyne and MEDLAB featuring together in 2018, participate in one of our sponsorship packages which we designed carefully to fulfill your needs and give your brand more exposure by expanding your target audience base.

Download the Commercial Opportunities Brochure

Opportunity Types

From the below classifications, see the types of interactive, branding or advertising options that could work best for your exhibition goals and budget.


From workshops and trainings to networking receptions, these options let your target audience get close and involved with your brand or product.


Stand out during the show and drive traffic to your stand through these all-encompassing or niche branding avenues available during the exhibition show days.


A wide selection of tactical communication options through MEDLAB's print and digital platforms. Promote your message to the MEDLAB audience before, during and after the event.


Exhibitors that invest above a certain amount are eligible for partner status and can benefit from additional complimentary exposure. After you have selected the commercial opportunities you would like to take advantage of, calculate the total value and see if you qualify for any of the partnership tiers.