Congress Overview

Below is the list of the 11 conference tracks that were held during MEDLAB 2017. The 2018 agenda will be available soon.

The CME-accredited Laboratory Management conference was chaired by Dr. Mansour Al-Zarouni, Member, General Secretariat Committee of Sultan Bin Khalifa International Thalassemia Award (SITA), and Carlo Kaabar, CEO, Futurelab Medical Laboratories. The conference provided its audience with a unique opportunity to understand the collaboration of administrative and medical leadership, to ensure quality improvement and safety management in medical laboratories of any size, scope, or specialty.

Chaired by Dr Omar K. Hallak, Consultant, Interventional Cardiology; Chief, Interventional Cardiologist Heart Center, American Hospital, Dubai, the CME- accredited Cardiac Markers conference was specially designed to bring together clinicians and laboratory professionals to share their knowledge and expertise in the reading and interpretation of laboratory tests, that aid in the implementation of interventions to reduce cardiovascular disease.

As tests on diabetes and glycaemic control are the most common tests conducted in the lab, the conference having moved from Arab Health to MEDLAB is due to the industry’s need to further enhance the association between lab professionals and diabetes specialists.

Diabetes rates in the Middle East have reached a record high of about 43 million cases and thus the relocation of the conference will assist physicians’ ability to diagnose diabetes earlier, to adjust drug therapies, and to identify complications quickly. Vital subjects discussed in the conference included diabetic neuropathy, the aetiology of diabetes and diabetes’ relationship with cardiovascular risk management.

Chaired by Dr Nader LessanImperial College London Diabetes Centre, and Dr Mario SkugorCleveland Clinic


As molecular techniques and novel molecular-based tools have made their expected transitions into the clinical arena, molecular diagnostics is becoming an integral part of clinical practice. The CME- accredited Molecular Diagnostics Conference discussed how molecular diagnostics is being applied to the clinical setting for greater speed and accuracy of healthcare delivery, while paving the way for a new era in medicine.

Chaired by Dr Mohammed Naveed, Consultant Geneticist & Paediatrician; Director - Planning & Operations, H.H. Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Al Nahyan Humanitarian & Scientific Foundation, Dubai, UAE. 

Blood transfusion services in the Middle East have made progress towards ensuring universal access to safe blood and blood products.  However, significant gaps remain in providing access to sufficient, affordable and sustainable supplies of blood while also ensuring the quality and safety of these products in the presence of emerging threats to public health.

New to MEDLAB, the CME- accredited Blood Transfusion Medicine conference discussed these global challenges in transfusion transmitted infections and effective tools for improving these practices.

Chaired by Dr May Yassin Raouf, Head & Medical Director, Dubai Blood Donation CenterDubai Health AuthorityDubai.

The CME- accredited Clinical Microbiology & Immunology conference focused on the latest developments in technology and therapeutic options for the management of infectious diseases and epidemiology of infections. It provided a unique platform for clinical scientists, young researchers and consultants to exchange their knowledge and views on laboratory diagnosis, pathogenesis, clinical characteristics of infection and drug resistance.

Chaired by Dr Mansour Al-Zarouni, Member, General Secretariat Committee, Sultan Bin Khalifa International Thalassemia Award (SITA)DubaiUAE.

New technological advancements and diagnostic tests have emerged to aid in the diagnosis, management, and monitoring of patients with bleeding disorders and thrombotic abnormalities. To discuss updates in haematopathology, leukaemia, lymphoma, haemoglobinopathy, coagulation and haemostasis, MEDLAB held the CME- accredited Haematology Conference.

Chaired by Dr Rania Medhat Seliem, Consultant Hematopathologist, Head of Pathology Laboratory, Rashid HospitalDubai Health AuthorityDubaiUAE.

Diagnostic errors contribute to approximately 10% of patient deaths. To reduce the cost, suffering, and loss of life that comes from these errors, laboratory professionals need to work and communicate more effectively with physicians. The CME- accredited Laboratory Testing and Management of Diabetes conference hosted discussions that focused on the most common tests and tools for diagnosing diabetes and monitoring glycemic control and how these results are interpreted and used appropriately.

Chaired by Dr Fayha Ahmed, Consultant and Head of Routine Biochemistry Unit, Pathology & Genetics Department, Dubai HospitalDubaiUAE.


As new discoveries are being applied to the diagnosis and monitoring of diseases, laboratory medicine and clinical chemistry play a major role in the application of biochemistry. The CME- accredited Clinical Chemistry conference at MEDLAB provided its participants, an up-to-date knowledge on the latest technology usage for pathologists and provided solutions to improve laboratory practices for better quality and turnaround time.

Chaired by Dr Mansour Al-Zarouni, Member, General Secretariat Committee, Sultan Bin Khalifa International Thalassemia Award (SITA)DubaiUAE.

Molecular tools and genomic data are radically changing the face of medical science. To provide the participants a comprehensive review of the latest histopathological, cytological and related technical advances in this industry, MEDLAB Congress had designed the Histopathology conference.

This conference was chaired by Dr Mouza Al Sharhan, Head of Laboratory, Dubai HospitalDHADubai.

New to MEDLAB 2017, the CME- accredited Laboratory Informatics conference focused on the optimal use of pathology services and the challenges faced by laboratory scientists to ensure the timely and effective introduction of IT systems that can meet the needs of modern laboratory medicine.

Chaired by Dr Ayoub Nahal, Consultant, Anatomic Pathologist, Medical Director, e-Pathology Program, Cleveland Clinic Abu DhabiAbu DhabiUAE.