Clinical‐laboratory correlations are the most important part of everyday practice in the era of modern clinical medicine. Laboratory or other diagnostic tests do not define specific clinical entity or disease; however, they are very useful to make decision related to complicated diagnostic procedures and therapies, especially for diabetes.

To establish a successful functioning of the patient‐physician laboratory triangle in interpreting lab tests, MEDLAB brings you the Diabetes Testing Conference which will focus on clinical‐laboratory correlations and communication diagnostic process.

Key topics:

Assessing beta cell function
Challenge in HbA1c measurements
Genomics in diabetes

Benefits of attending:

  • Identify causes of diabetes beyond type 1 and 2 to improve diagnosis and patient outcome
  • Discuss the genetics behind diabetes to review use of predictive genetic tests
  • Understand evidence-based recommendations for the use of laboratory testing for patients with diabetes
  • Understand basic pathology of Diabetes Mellitus for rapid interpretation and analysis of lab report
  • Strengthen communication and professional relationships between clinicians and laboratory workers to improve reliability of diagnostic tests

Chair: Dr Fayha S Ahmed, Consultant and Head of Routine Biochemistry Unit, Pathology & Genetics Department, Dubai Hospital, Dubai, UAE

Activity Director: Dr Fadi W. Abdul –Karim, Professor of Pathology and Vice Chair for Education, Robert Tomsich Pathology and Laboratory Med Institute, Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA