Clinical Chemistry

CME Accredited

23 June 2021
Bangkok Room, Dubai World Trade Centre

Scientific Chair:


Dr Fayha Ahmed, Consultant and Head of Routine Biochemistry Unit, Pathology & Genetics Department, Dubai Hospital, Dubai, UAE


Clinical chemistry refers to the biochemical analysis of body fluids. It uses chemical reactions to determine the levels of various chemical compounds in bodily fluids. Several simple chemical tests are used to detect and quantify different compounds in blood and urine, the most commonly tested specimens in clinical chemistry.

Clinical Chemistry conference will offer advances in CC along with interesting case studies and keynote lecture.

Key topics:

  • Metabolic Disorders: Clinical & Laboratory Correlations
  • Thyroid Disorders & pitfalls of Thyroid Functions
  • CALIPER Study Findings – Reference Range in Pediatrics

Benefits of attending:


  • Understanding metabolic disorders and how they can be correlated with clinical data
  • Discuss the different pitfalls of Thyroid function tests, adequate clinical information given to conduct TFT
  • The Canadian laboratory initiative on pediatric reference intervals

Key speakers and topic area:


Prof Khosrow Adeli, IFCC President Elect, Canada
Topic: CALIPER study

Professor Damien Gruson, Department of Laboratory Medicine, Cliniques Universitaires St-Luc, Brussels, Belgium
Topic: Thyroid disorders