Laboratory Management

CME Accredited

21 June 2021
Dubai Room, Dubai World Trade Centre

Scientific Chair:


Carlo Kaabar, Laboratory Manager, Al Qassimi Women & Children Hospital, Sharjah, UAE


The global pandemic has presented major challenges for clinical laboratories from initial testing diagnosis to patient monitoring and treatment. Many lab specialists, technologists are working selflessly and standing on the forefront of the battle against Covid19.

Lab Management conference will feature new local and international speakers offering their perspective on mentoring, new testing and next generation of laboratory leaders will look like. The conference aims to strengthen care in medical lab and improve the role of pathologists and technicians amidst the pandemic.

Key topics:

  • Mentoring successfully in the laboratory
  • Implementing a new test: as easy as ABC
  • The Laboratory and Artificial Intelligence: Are We There Yet?
  • Strategic laboratory leadership in a disruptive healthcare environment

Benefits of attending:

  • Lab mentoring is an important factor to establish quality and help achieving accreditation goals
  • Understanding different new tests in the lab and its effectiveness
  • Learn more about AI in the lab with staggering increases in volume of patient healthcare data
  • Learn more about the common problems and solutions faced by labs all over the world

Key speakers and topic area:


Kadria Sayed, Chief, Department of Pathology and laboratory Medicine at American Hospital Dubai- Mayo Clinic Care Network member
Topic: Lab leaders role in employee engagement

Rodney Forsman, Asst. Professor Emeritus, Lab Medicine and Pathology, College of Medicine and Science, Mayo Clinic. He is recognized as a strident communicator of the value of the clinical laboratory in medicine
Topic: Cost & Value

Robert L. Michel, Editor-in-Chief, The Dark Report, USA. He produces a meeting on laboratory and pathology management and is known to be a key expert in effective management strategies
Topic: Strategic Lab Leadership