Quality Management for Modern Labs Conference - Medlab Middle East Congress

Lab Quality Management

5.5 CMEs & 5 CPDs

6 February 2024 | Dubai room

3 - 6 February 2025

Dubai World Trade Centre

Lab Quality Management



The Quality Management for Modern Labs conference offers a comprehensive exploration of key topics essential for laboratory excellence. Delve into the critical role of determining the Cost of Quality and address challenges in Proficiency Testing (PT) from selection to efficiency. Operational Excellence in medical laboratories, a new quality horizon in Genetics and Molecular Testing, and the integration of quality into daily practices will be discussed. Laboratories Accreditation's significance as a necessity is emphasized, providing insights to enhance modern laboratory standards. This conference serves as a platform for insights and discussions, shaping pathways for laboratory excellence in the modern landscape.

Key topics:


  • Determining the Cost of Quality: A Critical Component of Laboratory Excellence   
  • PT Dilemma from Selection to Efficiency   
  • Operational Excellence in Medical Laboratories
  • New Quality Horizon in Genetics and Molecular Testing
  • Making Quality the DNA of Daily Practice 
  • Laboratories Accreditation: A Necessity and not a Luxury 

Benefits of attending:


  • Gain insights into the critical role of determining the Cost of Quality in elevating laboratory standards 
  • Address Proficiency Testing (PT) challenges, from selection strategies to efficiency optimization 
  • Explore strategies for achieving operational excellence within medical laboratories 
  • Discover the emerging quality landscape in Genetics and Molecular Testing 
  • Discuss how to integrate quality as an inherent aspect of daily laboratory practices 



  • Dr Nashat Nafouri, Chair – Healthcare Interest Group, Executive Officer, Saudi Quality Council, Jeddah, KSA