Poster competition

This year we are proud to introduce the NEW MEDLAB 2019 Scientific Poster Competition for all the registered and paid delegates. Submit your latest research and stand a chance to win a host of prizes.

Compeition details:

Round 1

In partnership with our sponsor, MEDLAB is allowing up to 30 participants the chance to have their abstract poster published online and displayed at the MEDLAB 2019 Exhibition and Congress Poster Area

Round 2

In addition, 20 abstracts will be recognised as reigning supreme. These participants will have the chance to present their abstract on-site at MEDLAB and also enter into the next stage of the competition.

Round 3

Following the on-site presentations, the judging committee will recognise the top 4 abstracts that are presented on site, these participants will win a chance to be a MEDLAB 2020 conference speaker and also be awarded with a special plaque!

Round 4

The final round of the competition will see the top two participants rewarded with a speaking opportunity in MEDLAB Singapore 2020, travel and accommodation will be covered!  -

The two runner-ups will win the chance to speak at MEDLAB 2020 in the Middle East, accommodation and flight covered.


Round 1 – Top 30 posters displayed at MEDLAB 2019 Exhibition and Congress

Round 2 – Top 20 posters will be presented on site by the participant

Round 3 – Top 4 winners provided with plaque award

Round 4 – Top 2 winners awarded with the chance to speak in a conference at MEDLAB Asia Pacific, the 2 runner-ups win the chance to speak in a conference at MEDLAB 2020

*Terms and conditions apply.