Who attends

It is estimated that 70% of all medical decisions are based on laboratory results. This supports MEDLAB’s positioning within the industry as a platform for developing the value of lab medicine in shaping the future of healthcare. A fundamental date in the annual diary for all medical lab and industry trade professionals, the 2019 edition will host over 19,610 attendees.

The key demographics that attend are:

Dealers and distributors

For those in search of high performing, as well as cost effective products / services, MEDLAB offers access to an extensive array of lab equipment, devices, disposables, chemicals, instruments and more. The 2018 edition welcomed 48%+ dealers and distributors with a variety of requirements and purchasing authority, ensuring that all exhibitors meet their match.

Laboratory executives

Senior faculty members from within the lab attend MEDLAB from over 160 countries. Attendance stems from public and private hospitals, as well as reference labs and so the demands across each institution significantly vary. MEDLAB acts as a platform to connect you with lab execs who are looking to improve efficiency and cut costs in the lab.

Purchasing & procurement

Professionals in charge of the lab’s budget attend MEDLAB in support of kicking off the financial year efficiently. Using this platform as an opportunity to scope out purchases for the subsequent year’s budget, they make full use of the 4-day exhibition to see which are the best deals available to their institutions.