The UAE has been demonstrating vigorous economic growth over the past two decades from medical tourism to government initiatives in infrastructure and healthcare.


The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) for instance has presented the Clinical Laboratory Regulation which emphasizes on the quality of services, facility design and safety.

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Market review

UAE has been demonstrating vigorous economic growth over the last two decades, from medical tourism to government initiative in developing the infrastructure particularly in healthcare as well as raising awareness of a disease that may be infectious. Clinical laboratory market has generally managed to maintain an elevated position in the UAE.
Tests type, techniques and service providers offering high quality, cost-effective services as well as clinical expertise to healthcare units and hospitals are all incorporated in clinical laboratory services. In the UAE, the clinical laboratory services market is subdivided into hospital-based laboratories, clinic-based laboratories, standalone laboratories and clinical research organizations. All these segments fall under the same sector in which specific attention has been given to annexe value through further evolution and development. UAE has proven to be capable of sustaining a propitious condition upon the implementation of the latest revolution.

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