The Emergence of Connected Devices with AI and ML Capabilities Disrupting the Market


Diagnostics and research labs are expected to increase their R&D budget for connected devices and software-enabled systems. Connected lab assets and improved workflow enabled by smart devices, sensors, and digital capabilities will be key to addressing opportunities and challenges in the diagnostics academic and commercial research labs market. Cloud-based or virtual labs will take the digital transformation industry to the next level by providing automated research and testing facilities that can be accessed or controlled via the cloud. They will allow researchers to access the facility and design and run experiments remotely.

Labs need real-time monitoring and analysis of front-line equipment to optimize operations and improve workflow. Due to the early stage of this field, vendors must include product offerings and exploit the huge opportunities offered by IoT, cloud, and AI providers. AI and ML can transform the way assay results are gathered and analyzed, speeding up the process, expanding assay menus, and increasing the accuracy of test results.