Lin Cao

Chairman and Founder


Tell us about yourself. What are you showcasing at Medlab Middle East 2022?


Hello, my name is Cao Lin, and I am Chairman and founder of Vazyme. Having steadily developed in the China market for 10 years, Vazyme became a listed company (Stock Code: 688105) in 2021 and is actively laying out the international market.

The main products we will present at Medlab Middle East are reagents and instruments for Coronavirus testing.

Reagent products are divided into three categories: nucleic acid detection, antibody detection, and antigen detection, while we also present automated nucleic acid extraction instruments and analysis instruments.

Vazyme IVD products show high sensitivity, great safety, and wonderful accuracy of results with a variety of options, while providing customised services to meet customer needs. As Vazyme began its journey with life science and bio-medicine reagents, some life science and molecular diagnostic reagents will also be introduced to Medlab this year.

Vazyme expects to meet more overseas biotechnology and medical devices industry professionals and enterprises at Medlab Middle East 2022.

This year’s theme is ‘Connect with innovation that’s changing the face of diagnostics’. What does innovation in diagnostics mean to you?


The pandemic has boost development of the diagnostics industry significantly. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been seeing many technology breakthroughs and new patents in diagnostic fields.

We think 2022 offers new opportunities for biotechnology industry and enterprises.

Vazyme is actively engaged and acting as a frontrunner in technology innovation, willing to promote our mission and bring more high-quality products around the world. Every year Vazyme invests 30 per cent of revenues in R&D. Vazyme’s more than 450 scientists, including professional PhDs and masters graduates, are committed to innovation in diagnostics solutions.

We are also excited to see more innovative diagnostics products and ideas and learn from others at Medlab.

To what extent will emerging technologies such as AI and big data influence the medical laboratory industry?


There have been tremendous technologies emerging in recent years. Widely used in the medical laboratory industry, AI and big data are changing the way people think about biotechnology and the medical industry.

The industry can use the scale effect of AI and big data to effectively improve product quality and speed up problem-solving. Individual patients can also feel the difference from the perspective of healthcare and medical treatment development.

What other trends do you see emerging in the coming months that will impact the medical laboratory industry?


We hold a conservative attitude towards fields we don’t know. At Vazyme we wish to focus on the fields we are familiar with and improve the development of the industry. We believe that technological innovation will positively impact the medical laboratory industry and benefit all humans: technology should always improve human health from a medical professionals’ perspective.

What have you learned from the pandemic from a diagnostics or lab perspective?


Vazyme is a technology-orientated enterprise, and we insist on a ‘customer first’ approach. In the new normal we should correspondingly hold a positive attitude and an open mind towards industry changes without neglecting our mission.

As Vazyme adheres to a value proposition of “Developing Technology To Improve Human Health”, we focus on providing high-quality service to our customers wherever and whenever they are.

What, if anything, will you be doing differently in the post-pandemic era?


We will increase investment in R&D and innovation; continue to open up a new track in the field of in-vitro diagnostics; use science and technology to help bio-safety construction; and help humanity overcome major infectious diseases, tumours and autoimmune diseases.

In the future, we will continue to develop overseas markets, establish overseas market bases, build a worldwide sales network, and promote good technical services and products to the world that could benefit all humankind.

We also expect to meet and build reliable and strong connections with more professionals, research institutes and enterprises in Life Science and IVD fields.

Is there anything else you would like to add?


It is Vazyme’s second time at Medlab Middle East. We appreciate all your recognition and support and wish Medlab Middle East 2022 every success. You are more than welcome to meet Vazyme and know more about what we do at DWTC in Dubai on 24th January 2022.