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Evolving role of the laboratory

The institution of laboratory testing is a difficult task that requires a multidisciplinary team and in particular “buy-in” by the laboratory as a whole. Often, the type of testing either in the main laboratory or in the point of care will be discussed over a significant amount of time. In particular, when complex testing such as molecular testing is being brought on board, several things must be considered.

Linking laboratory testing to patient outcomes

Clinical laboratory workers believe that the work they perform in providing laboratory tests is valuable. However, data to validate this has been limited, and evidence of the contribution of laboratory medicine to the overall process of diagnosis and management is not easy to obtain.

World’s leading exhibition organiser launches blueprint for hosting enhanced physical events in the Middle East

Informa Markets, the world’s leading exhibition organiser, has launched Informa AllSecure to the Middle East market. The detailed set of enhanced measures will provide the highest levels of hygiene and safety at all future events, to ensure the safety of attendees and staff.