3 - 6 February 2025

Dubai World Trade Centre

Accessibility for People of Determination

At Medlab Middle East, we are committed to supporting People of Determination and ensuring that our venue is accessible to all. We recognise the importance of creating an inclusive environment, and we are dedicated to making Medlab Middle East 2024 an event that welcomes and accommodates everyone. 

Venue Accessibility

To facilitate your visit and ensure your ease of access, we provide the following services:

Accessibility Map: For information on accessible entrances and facilities at the venue, we encourage you to download our Accessibility Map, designed to help you navigate the event comfortably.

Customer Care Support: The venues dedicated Customer Care team is here to assist you. Whether you have questions about accessibility or require guidance, please feel free to contact them:

Toll-Free Number: 8003982
Email: [email protected]

Or simply get in touch with us today at [email protected]

Wheelchair Services

We offer free wheelchair services free of charge from three of the DWTC Information Desks located at the Convention Gate, the Exhibition Gate and Hall 1, as well as from the Emergency Medical Services Station located next to Hall 5.

We are unable to offer pre-booking for wheelchairs. However, to collect a wheelchair, please have a valid form of ID, such as an Emirates ID or a driving license, available.

For any further inquiries related to our wheelchair service, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated Customer Care team using the contact information provided above.

Accessibility made easier!

All public entrances are equipped with wheelchair-accessible low gradient ramps and automatic doors. Within the venue, all floors are levelled, offering unobstructed access.

Elevator control panels are located at a height easily accessible to wheelchair users. In
addition to Braille buttons, all elevators feature a floor announcement system
and an intercom facility activated by an alarm button. Every area of the venue
is accessible by one of our elevators.

Pictographic signs and accessibility maps have been placed throughout the venue for easy guidance.


Self-service equipment, such as Automated Cash Machines are located at both Emirates NBD branches by Concourse 1 and Concourse 2 at levels suitable to wheelchair users. One of the Emirates NBD branches are accessibility friendly to most People of Determination, including the visually impaired.

Our Event Plus Shop also has a specific counter accessible to wheelchair users.

All our information desk counters are accessible to wheelchair users.


The Dubai World Trade Centre Customer Care team have completed the People of Determination awareness training to provide practical guidance to assist individuals with intellectual disabilities, limited mobility, as well as those with speech, hearing, or visual impairments.