3 - 6 February 2025

Dubai World Trade Centre

Workshop by Randox Laboratories

 Tuesday 6th February I 10:30 - 13:00

 Cape Town room I Z1.C02


Impact of Chronic Disease on Cardiometabolic Health
Presented by:

Dr. Hisham Shams, MD, PhD
Chief Medical Officer
Advanced Cell Laboratories

Dr. Hisham obtained his Bachelor’s degree of Medicine and Surgery from School of Medicine in Cairo University, followed by residency in Clinical Pathology, and subsequently had a Clinical Master's degree and Clinical PhD in Clinical Chemistry. He worked as a lecturer at the National Cancer Institute, Cairo University, as the Laboratory Director at Saudi German Hospital Group, as the Chief Medical Officer of Alborg laboratories in the GCC, and Chief Scientific Officer at Life Diagnostics. He is currently the Chief Medical Officer at Advanced Cell Laboratories.

Smart QC and Reducing Risk
Presented by:

Susan Hammond
Marketing Director
Randox Laboratories Ltd

Susan Hammond has been engaged in the diagnostics industry for over two decades. Historical engagements involved working with various laboratories, hospitals, institutes, and government organizations to keep them informed of current improvements in clinical testing. The information and feedback from these customers around the globe drive R&D within Randox. For the past 5 years, Susan has focused on raising awareness of new biomarkers, focusing on awareness of laboratory quality requirements, their impacts on laboratories and as such the quality controls required within, both internal and external, and bridging the gap between clinical research and clinical practice.

Immunoassay testing for the hospital setting in ‘Real Time’: Randox Multistat toxicology and critical care assay solutions
Presented by:

Dr. Scott McKeown
Near Patient Diagnostic Manager
Randox Laboratories Ltd

Practical use of Randox Acusera 24.7
Presented by: Patrick Else, Quality Manager/Senior BMS, Nuffield Health

Company bio

Established in 1982, Randox is dedicated to improving healthcare worldwide with the use of innovative diagnostic technologies. They are passionate about saving lives through the use and development of contemporary and pioneering products. As an international company, headquartered in Northern Ireland, Randox is a major exporter, with offices and distribution in over 145 countries, manufacturing, and R&D capabilities in 4 jurisdictions across 3 continents. Randox's clinical product offering includes diagnostic reagents, quality control, and clinical chemistry analysers. Their patented Randox Biochip Technology and associated Immunoassay analysers also have applications for forensic toxicology, food diagnostics, and workplace drug testing. Randox Health clinics offer a range of health checks across general health, sexual health, respiratory health and more. Additionally, Randox Laboratories has also been the heartbeat of the UK’s National COVID Testing Programme throughout the pandemic. In 2022, Randox has completed more than 23 million gold-standard PCR tests for the National Testing Programme and private COVID testing for travel. As a world leader in diagnostics for clinical healthcare for over 40 years, their expertise and product portfolio have assisted laboratories across the world in improving global health and saving lives.