DxA 5000 

Today’s laboratories are highly focused on enhancing patient care by driving faster turnaround times, delivering quality results, and improving laboratory operations.

The DxA 5000 automation solution helps laboratories meet these challenges by delivering:

  • Rapid and consistent turnaround time
  • Comprehensive pre-analytical sample quality assesment 
  • Improved laboratory efficiency 

The DxA 5000 automation solution processes blood sample tubes for all core disciplines such as chemistry, immunoassay, hematology and coagulation. It can perform sample login, sample tube characterization, centrifugation, decapping, presentation of samples to connected analytical instruments, recapping, storing in ambient or refrigerated storage and sorting to output racks. Additionally, the DxA 5000 can automatically retrieve stored samples in less than 90 seconds and rerun or reflex sample tubes enabled through data management software, allowing for more refined analysis.

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