HELO Solution (Global Hematology Solution) 

HELO* (HORIBA Evolutive Laboratory Organization) is our global Hematology Solution. An innovative design solution covering all the needs of a high throughput automated hematology platform. Flexible and efficient, HELO* is the optimum answer to the constant evolution of your laboratory. The HORIBA advanced technologies embedded in the Yumizen H2500/H1500 associated with over 30 years of experience in Hematology diagnosis offer the highest analytical performances.

Thanks to its data, tube management, blood film, and digitalization management capability, HELO not only addresses your needs but helps you to optimize your TAT, your floor space, and your reagent storage. HELO comes along with our accreditation assistance program which has been developed in accordance with ISO-15189 certification.

  • Yumizen H2500, Yumizen H1500: 2 analyzer models dedicated to Routine (CBC, DIFF, Body Fluids, NRBC) and Expert tests PLT OX, Reticulocytes)
  • Yumizen SPS: Slide Performing System connectable to both models. Performs 120 slides per hour. Customizable smearing and staining protocols
  • Yumizen P8000: Validation station of the HELO solution able to connect until 6 analyzers (H1500, H2500) and 2 Digitalizes
  • Yumizen T6000: Automated racks conveyor connecting until 6 analyzers (H1500, H2500) and 6 Yumizen SPS. It can be organized in 4 shapes leading us to propose tailor-made configurations
  • Cellavision: DM9600, DM1200, DC1. Connectable to Yumizen P8000 (since v1.3)
  • Quality Accreditation Program (QAP): Provides global service. It includes cytology training (Quality Slide Program), an externalization of internal quality controls (Quality Control Program), a cytological atlas (Hematovision), and dedicated accreditation support
  • Reagents: Only 6 reagents for the Yumizen H2500 and 5 reagents for the Yumizen H1500
  • Quality Controls: 3 levels for Difftrol (L, N, H), 3 levels for Minotrol Retic (1, 2, 3) and 2 levels for BFtrol (2, 3)