NovaSeq™ X 

The NovaSeq™ X Plus system revolutionizes human whole-genome sequencing.

Built on decades of innovation from a trusted partner in genomics, the NovaSeq X series will enable your most ambitious ultra-high-throughput projects. These are our most powerful sequencers yet. 

Scale your studies with three flow cell types and up to 16 Tb output per run on the dual flow cell NovaSeq X Plus system or up to 8 Tb on the single flow cell NovaSeq X system. Ultra-high-density flow cells and ultra-high-resolution optics enable output of up to 26 billion single reads per flow cell.

XLEAP-SBS chemistry delivers the highest level of data accuracy and performance, and the increased stability enables remarkable sustainability benefits and the DRAGEN Bio-IT Platform, available onboard or in the cloud, provides award-winning accuracy for rapid, easy-to-use, and efficient genomic data analysis.