NeuMoDx Molecular Systems

Ultra-fast integrated PCR with true random access and an unprecedented streamlined workflow

Critical decisions for patient care are dependent on accurate and timely clinical laboratory results. To meet this demand, your lab needs full automation, faster turnaround times, scalability and streamlined workflows. NeuMoDx systems address these needs – and more.

Revolutionary molecular diagnostic solution

NeuMoDx™ Molecular Systems provide the industry’s first true continuous random-access solution and is scalable to meet the needs of the modern clinical laboratory. The NeuMoDx 96 and NeuMoDx 288 Molecular Systems are fully automated analyzers that use proprietary NeuDry™ technology, magnetic particle affinity capture, and real-time PCR chemistry in a multi-sample microfluidic cartridge. This unique integration of robotics with advanced microfluidics delivers industry-leading usability, enhanced performance, increased efficiency, and rapid turnaround.

  • Intuitive 3-step workflow
    • Streamlined workflows give unprecedented ease of use, reduced hands-on time and minimized training burden
  • True random access
    • Continuous loading of samples and up to 30 IVD assays can be run in parallel – no need to batch
  • IVD & LDT in parallel
    • Seamless integration of IVD and LDT* tests in the same workflow
  • High throughput
    • The NeuMoDx 288 can process up to 340 in an 8-hour shift and the NeuMoDx 96 up to 145 samples
  • No reagent reconstitution
    • Proprietary NuDry test strip reagents and consumables are ready to use and room temperature stable, stored or on board
  • Ultra-fast insights
    • Results available in less than one hour for most tests with true STAT functionality

*LDT: laboratory developed test or in house tests