Allplex™ HPV HR/28 Detection 

Seegene, a Frontier of High Multiplex HPV Screening.

Now provides up to 15 targets quantification information in a single tube using 3 Ct PCR technology. Seegene’s latest leading-edge technology can quantify 15 targets in a single tube. This proprietary technology is applied to Allplex™ HPV HR/28 Detection assays and provides the broadest clinical information while screening HPVs. The results of these informative tests will enable the clinician to make no guesses and to perform true syndromic quantitative testing, allowing prioritization of treatment strategies for multiple infections and composite drug resistance.

  • Enables efficient patient management through informed decision-making
  • Adapts cervical cancer screening national guidelines based on the complete genotyping information (14 HR HPVs or 19 HR & 9 LR HPVs)