Greiner Bio-One - VACUETTE® Safety Products

VACUETTE® Safety Products

With VACUETTE® safety products you can minimize the risk of contamination and injury.

Needlestick injuries from contaminated puncture devices are the most common source of infection for diseases transmitted by blood or other bodily fluids and are still among the most common occupational accidents today. This is a serious danger!

The topic of safety is gaining increasing importance in the healthcare sector. Greiner Bio-One therefore wants to offer its customers the safest possible conditions for their daily work with their patients. For many years Greiner Bio-One Preanalytics has been developing a range of different safety products to reduce the risk of contamination and needlestick injuries. The first safety products were launched at the turn of the millennium.

VACUETTE® Safety Blood Collection Sets are particularly suitable for blood collection from patients with difficult veins. They are available in different needle sizes and tubing lengths. An integrated safety mechanism that is already activated in the patient's vein provides even greater safety in the blood collection process.

Another example is the VACUETTE® QUICKSHIELD Safety Tube Holder which enables a greater flexibility in regards to user and patient-specific requirements thanks to the rotating safety shield. Additionally, the ergonomic design of the holder gives the user a better grip for puncturing. The safety shield is activated either one-handed with the aid of a solid surface or simply with the thumb.

Greiner Bio-One offers you reliable protection against potential injury risks with these innovative safety solutions. For more information about us and our products visit us at MedLab Middle East, Dubai, at our booth which we have in common with WKO.