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In partnership with Express Med Diagnostics & Research

5 - 8 February 2024 | Za'abeel hall 7 


3 - 6 February 2025

Dubai World Trade Centre

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What is NextGen Medicine

Dive into the future of healthcare at Medlab Middle East's NextGen Medicine Zone! Our groundbreaking partnership with Express Med Diagnostics & Research has provided the opportunity to unleash innovation, explore cutting-edge technologies, and witness the evolution of medical breakthroughs. This immersive experience is your ticket to networking and conducting business with our exhibitors who are industry experts and established suppliers. Be a pioneer in shaping the future of healthcare!

Focused on the transformative potential of early disease detection and preventive medicine, the NextGen Medicine Conference delves into the intersection of medicine and artificial intelligence, discussing cutting-edge AI applications in diagnostics, treatment development, personalised medicine, and healthcare delivery. Engaging discussions and presentations provide attendees with insights into the latest breakthroughs in genomics, proteomics, and innovative biomarkers that empower early diagnosis of diverse medical conditions. 


Key conference topics

3.75 & 4.75 CMEs | 2.5 & 3 CPDs

Early cancer detection and precision oncology

Preventive health screening and longevity

Digitalisation: AI, bioinformatics, cybersecurity of data

Development on cancer
genetics and oncogenomics

Updates on Middle East
genome projects

Industry workshops

Gain firsthand insights into the latest innovations in the medical laboratory industry through the Industry workshops feature, where industry leaders share their knowledge and expertise.

Benefits of attending


  • Discuss genetics and genomics in personalised medicine, including the use of DNA sequencing and genetic testing
  • Review advanced diagnostic technologies, such as next-generation sequencing, liquid biopsies, biomarker discovery, and other cutting-edge techniques for disease detection and monitoring
  • Analyse practical applications of precision medicine in various medical specialties, including oncology, surgery, neurology, and rare diseases
  • Identify potential drug targets and the development of targeted therapies
  • Discuss regulatory landscape and ethical challenges associated with implementing precision medicine

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Scientific Chair


Dr Karolina Kobus, Head of Molecular Genomics and Precision Medicine Laboratory; Technology and Innovation Advisor, Express Med Diagnostics & Research

What you stand to gain:

  • Emphasis on collaboration between nesearchers, clinicians, genetic counselors, informaticians, and other healthcare professionals to advance the field
  • Diagnostics play a central and foundational role in precision medicine. They are instrumental in the identification, characterisation, and monitoring of diseases and conditions, and they provide the essential data necessary for tailoring medical treatments and interventions to individual patients

  • In summary, diagnostics are the cornerstone of precision medicine, guiding healthcare providers in making informed decisions about patient care. By providing valuable information about an individual's unique biology and disease characteristics, diagnostics enable the delivery of personalized and effective medical treatments, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes and the advancement of healthcare as a whole