Genetics Focus Day - Now available On Demand!




The Genetics focus day at Medlab Middle East will include high-level keynotes that will feature powerful talks from the trail-blazers and the most innovative companies in healthcare in each of the sectors. These focus days also include Industry talks – targeted opportunities to showcase, present and connect with your industry peers. If you have missed out on the sessions we had to offer, you can still view them On Demand by clicking on the button below.

Available On Demand:


  • Pandemic prevention and genetics
  • The Emirati Genome: A G42 Perspective on Genetics, Biobanking, and a Representative Genetic Sequence of the Emirati Population - G42

Who attends:

Nature of business

Geographical breakdown

Job functions

Focus days calendar:

  • 24 – 28 May

    Medical Speciality Days

    • Infectious Diseases
    • Vaccines
    • Virology
    • Genetics
    • Multi-omnics

    Trade Days

    • Immunology
    • Microbiology
    • Molecular Diagnostics
  • 31 May – 4 June

    Medical Speciality Days

    • Stem Cells
    • Blood Transfusion
    • Sepsis Management

    Trade Days

    • Blood Banking
    • Haematology
    • POCT
    • Histopathology
  • 7–11 June

    Trade Days

    • Clinical Chemistry
    • Lab Disposables & Consumables